Taskwarrior: List tasks when opening a terminal

Taskwarrior logo Taskwarrior: List tasks when opening a terminalOriginally i am a lazy dude and i do not want to be reminded of my pending tasks. That is why i am not forcing my self often to type ‘task’ into the terminal.

In order to solve that problem i had to think about a solution that will constantly remind me of my pending tasks and forces me to complete them.

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Shared Screen session for presentation and support usage

Have you ever been wondering if there is a way to join someones shell, terminal, command line (or what ever you would name it) remotely ?
Here is the solution:

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sabnzbd: Start as daemon while booting (auto start)

sab2 512 150x150 sabnzbd: Start as daemon while booting (auto start)sabnzbdplus is not running after boot by default. The best way to get in running is to configure sabnzbdplus as daemon.
In order to do that you will just have to add an user to the config. (/etc/default/sabnzbdplus).

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Taskwarrior: My task-switch for fast switching between multiple databases

Taskwarrior logo Taskwarrior: My task switch for fast switching between multiple databasesTaskwarrior is a command-line todo list manager
I use it at work and at home, but that made some problems to me. It has become very confusing which task belongs to which group of my life.
Do i have to call Mr. Miller for private thing or for business ?

For solving this problem i wrote a tiny bash script and i want to share it with you
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Start applications minimized

If you want to start applications minimized you can use kstart:

Notice that kstart is a KDE-Application and i am not sure if this will work with any other window-manager then Kwin. I think it will not.
Kstart has much more options. Have a look at: