Hard Drive Benchmark using Linux

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If you want to know how performing you hard drive is you have to install bonnie++ first.

Using Debian and it derivatives its just:

After the installation create an empty folder on the drive you want to test. Bonnie++ will create temporary random content there while the benchmark is running.

Because i am having just one drive in my notebook the decision wasn’t really hard. The Partition / is nearly full so i used /home.

Now we can let bonnie++ attack the directory :). For having the needed permissions i had to run bonnie++ as root.

Now this will take a bit time but you will get a lot of information. (much more then a Windows application can process). When the process is done you should get some output like that:

(Please do not rate my benchmark. It was done under load)

Well this might disturb you but: Don’t Panic!

  • Per Char 4G has been written with 620 K/sec and an CPU-Usage of 98%
  • Per Block 4G has been written with 67046 K/sec and an CPU-Usage of 11%
  • Per Rewrite 4G has been written with 36145 K/sec and an CPU-Usage of 7%
  • Sequentiell Input done with 2149 K/sec and an CPU-Usage of 9%
  • Random done with 187,5 K/sec and an CPU-Usage of 5%

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